Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What is an Internet Marketing System?

An internet Marketing system that is set up properly and often maintained will allow you to attract people to your business or website to save you time, energy, money and stress.

Did you know that's what a system is?

S Saves
Y Yourself
S Stress
T Time
E Energy
M Money

Every business should have something like this in place. Most do. That's why they are still IN business! The ones that don't may have an "Out of Business" sign on their door right now.

An internet marketing system will give you and your business leverage by implementing techniques and strategies to bring people to YOU!

An internet marketing system allows you to get yourself or your business in front of the 1.5 Billion people that use the internet EVERYDAY! Imagine what you can do with your income if you know how to do this properly!

Let's look at some of the components that come with an internet marketing system.

1. Websites. Most people don't know how to create their own website and therefore have to hire someone to do it for them. Websites are NOT cheap! A good system will already have this in place to save you time, stress, energy and money.

2. Autoresponders. This is a very crucial component in your system. This will allow you to have conversations with people through emails to build value in your products and services. This also works really well if someone doesn't like to talk to people on the phone which will save you time, stress, energy and money.

3. Education. You have to stay educated with all the rapid changes taking place on the internet these days and staying educated will keep yourself on top of your business. Many internet marketing systems will have their own "back office" that provides up-to-date education and training that saves you time, stress, energy and money.

4. Community and Support. A well established internet marketing system will have a community of others helping each other out with their business. Some may refer to it as masterminding. In your business, there are going to be "newbies" and experts and if you have this in place with your system, you will save yourself times, stress, energy and money.

5. Automation and technology. This is an important component also. This will allow your system sort through the people who are serious or just plain tire kickers who will waste you time, increase your energy and stress and may cost you some money. This is an invaluable asset to your business because the ever changing technologies help you to shorten of even eliminate learning curves.

6. Passive/residual income. An internet marketing system should have this set up for you to allow you to think "outside of the box" to create ways to make a passive or residual income. This is what most people are most excited about in the online business industry - Making money when you are NOT working!!

7. Your Brand. Systems that have this in place allow you to create your own brand. Some refer to it as "YOU INC". An internet marketing system will show you how to separate yourself from your competition by showing you more creative ways attracting people. What it comes down to is: Being with a Creative mind instead of a Competitive mind.

An internet marketing system in so crucial for the success of your business. Whether you have an online business or an offline business such as a restaurant, clothing store, coffee shop, or selling T Shirts on a street corner, having an internet marketing system is a MUST to leverage you time, energy, money and your stress levels!

I appreciate the opportunity to educate you today!

Greg Schmidt

Greg Schmidt is an internet marketing entrepreneur who educates, teaches and coaches individuals and business owners on strategies and techniques they can use by implementing an internet marketing system to their business. This creates a more profitable businesses and allows us to live in a better economic state.

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